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drama-comedy fiction

Author: Jim Fallon

Kevin McCormick's problems with music are about to approach a whole new level. As a single man who has developed an aversion towards music since high school, he has gone to extremes to achieve a lifestyle that is as devoid of song as possible. His world unravels when he becomes infected with Musica Chorea: an extremely rare dancing disease that he shares with only two other people in the entire world and of which only eighteen other cases have ever been documented. Once infected, his body dances—spontaneously, unpredictably, uncontrollably—whenever he hears music. It threatens to destroy his sanity as well as his career as a funeral director. Worst of all, no one can seem to find a cure....

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Also available at:
Andover Bookstore, Andover, MA (see link in margin)
Boston Public Library, Boston, MA
Gilford Public Library, Gilford, NH
Memorial Hall Library, Andover, MA
Nevins Memorial Library, Methuen, MA

NOOK version available from Barnes & Noble by June 2013.

Next fiction dramedy novel available in ebook: September 2013

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