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                                   Jim Fallon



"Please Stop the Music" is my first published book. Like many people who love music, I have a wide range of favorites. Unfortunately, I couldn't include all of them in this book as it would've been about 6,000 pages long and it wouldn't have made any sense. I'm most often drawn to music that is influenced by the pioneers of rock, such as Sam Cooke, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley. Having grown up in Massachusetts, I am familiar with the places described in this book.

Thank you for visiting the website and for reading the book. It was intended to be a light, entertaining read that perhaps invited you to think about life a bit and hopefully gave you some laughs. I had lots of great advice from editors Erica Orloff and Jennifer Wheet, as well a great cover illustration by Rick Menard.

Please leave your feedback, positive and negative, so that I can improve things for the next book!

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